Ocean Run 2019

Løbsdato: 04/05/2019
By og landsdel: Copenhagen, Hovedstaden
Amager Strandpark, Amager Strand Promenaden, København, Danmark
Distancer: 2 km

Pris: 120kr
Underlag: Asfalt

One lap is around one of the “lakes” and is 2km. It is up to you how many laps you run. But the further you run, the more money you raise.

Om Ocean Run 2019

Ocean Run is a charity run to raise awareness about plastic pollution in our oceans. We are raising money that we are donating to the NGO Plastic Change who fight plastic pollution on a daily basis. The runners are sponsored per kilometer so the further you run, the more money you raise. You sign up online and on the day of the event you just tell us your name at the registration and you will receive a running chip that will track you.

Yderligere info

There will not be any place to change. You can leave your things on site, but we do not take responsibility for them.